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RSL is a leading supplier for companies in transit, automotive, trucking, heavy duty, mining, forestry and manufacturing

Solutions and Installation Experts

At RSL we offer installation on every product we sell as well as many that we don’t. Whether building a new facility or renovating an existing one we have the ability to work within your existing blueprints or create an entirely new design for you.

Our well-established reputation as lubrication equipment experts means that customers get exceptional system design, service and installation by trained and certified personnel. Our team is committed to getting you up and pumping fast! From new oil systems, to tanks, piping, hose reels, dispensers and waste oil repositories, we have it all.

Our techs and installers are trained on a complete range of products and certified for warranty installations and warranty servicing. Regardless of the application, if your objective is to move, measure, control or dispense lubrication products, we can deliver the system that best suits your needs.

Looking for more than just lubrication system installation? At RSL we also supply equipment and install piping systems for Compressed Air, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), Pressure Wash and Waste Oil.

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